Frequently Asked Questions

Our Vitamin C shower filters contain 100% pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid).
Our Vitamin C shower filters utilize ascorbic acid for de-chlorination. Vitamin C does not hold chlorine, it neutralizes chlorine from an element into a harmless compound/anti-oxidant.
Yes. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), National Risk Management Research Laboratory demonstrated that Vitamin C is one of the most effective, fast, and safe water de-chlorination agents.
Vitamin C is the safest and least toxic of any other de-chlorination media. It fully neutralizes chlorine and chloramines from your shower water, and provides additional nutrients for your skin and hair. Also, Vitamin C shower filters work better in hot water, while other filters do not.  It balances the pH level of the water.
The Vitamin C shower filter cartridge case is transparent. You can actually see the Vitamin C crystals in the cartridge. As you use the Vitamin Shower the crystals will slowly dissolve until all you can see is water in the cartridge, this is the time to replace with a new cartridge.
When you purchase a new shower from Vitamin Shower, your order includes the following:
  • 1 Vitamin Shower Universal Shower Filter
  • Three pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C shower filter cartridges (one already installed inside the universal filter).
  • Easy install instructions located on the inside of the packaging.
  • A roll of plumbers tape
No! Our filter cartridges do not need any maintenance. Just install it and enjoy toxin free showers.
The Vitamin C shower filter cartridge has a life-time of anywhere between 2-3 months depending on the amount of usage. The filters can effectively purify up to 10,000 litres of water. The Vitamax Universal Filter will also effectively purify up to 10,000 litres of water and a cartridge again will last 1-2 months, depending on usage and if your existing shower head is water savings.
No matter your reasoning, if you don't believe your new Vitamin C Shower Filter from Vitamin is the best shower filter you have ever owned, all you need to do is notify us within 30 days of your purchase and ship the original package with all of its contents back to our office. We will then refund 100% of your purchase price, less the original postage charge.

I recently bought and installed a vitamin shower. It is proving to be satisfactory. I don’t seem to have such an itchy scalp after washing my hair, and haven’t changed the brand of shampoo and conditioner. I’ve also noticed my skin doesn’t seem so dry. Thanks for your great product!

Kathryn Cocker - NSW

I have suffered from contact dermatitis for 20 years and being a hairdresser with my hands often in water, this has on exacerbated this.  I was sceptical to say the least when my wife brought home the vitamin shower.  Within 2 weeks, the eczema had cleared up on my back and whereas previously I had been known to scratch profusely even during my sleep, the itching had gone.  I didn't believe it was the vitamin shower until the cartridge ran out and my back broke out and the itching started again.  Needless to say, the vitamin shower is now a permanent fixture in our house and my wife says it makes her hair feel silky smooth too

Alan - VIC


My husband suffers with eczema and has exhausted most other options for treating his condition. We bought a vitamin shower head with some skepticism but we were both willing to give anything a try. I must say that the results are fantastic. He has been able to reduce the amount of steroid cream he uses and has managed to have all open wounds healed!! Usually, this time of year he is at his worst and requires regular visits to hospital for wet wraps. Thankfully he has not required this treatment this year.



Dear Vitamin shower people, We installed the Vitamin shower head to our shower mid last year, we live in Gladstone and the water is laced with extremely high levels of chlorine. As a result my skin reacts to the chlorine in ways such as red splotches between my eyes and skin blemishes (body acne) over my back. Since introducing the vitamin C filters to our shower, the prevalence of these irritations have reduced dramatically. On this note I ‘Wow what a difference’. On another note, my Siamese fighting fish seem to enjoy the water and I now don’t have to treat the water for them, they also say thanks.

Robert Mitchell - QLD

First let me thank you for your promptness in delivery, very impressive, received within 48 hours.

Thanks guys that was very fast, received the next day.

 I have installed correctly now. Let me say since I have started using the Vitamin shower my skin has softened and is less dry.

I swim regularly and have used moisturizer always, but this vitamin shower leaves me feeling clean and smooth. I like it. Oh and my hair is softer too. 

Chris Hackett, NSW