Universal Vitamin Shower Filter with Longer Lasting Cartridge

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Product Code: SUF300

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Quick Overview

  • Neutralises Chlorine 99.99%

  • Universal - Fits any shower setup

  • Use your favourite shower head

  • Bigger, Better Vitamin C Cartridge - Softer, Smoother, Hair and Skin

Availability: In stock

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Product Description

Universal Vitamin Shower Filter
with Longer Lasting Cartridge

Newer, Bigger, Better, Longer Lasting Cartridge

For the last 4 years we have been offering the Universal Vitamin Shower Filter with the DOLKI Ceramic Ball at the bottom. Every year we got more and more people asking if we could replace the ceramic ball with a bigger cartridge to make the cartridges last longer and at last they are here.

The new cartridge length takes up the entire chamber meaning if you have the old style Vitamin Shower and you would like to upgrade to the newer, longer lasting cartridges, you can just remove the ceramic ball and replace with the new cartridges.

The new cartridges will extend your cartridge life for an extra month taking it from 2 months to 3 months meaning you don't have to replace your cartridges as often, saving you time and money.

See below to see the difference between the new and old cartridges.

Vitamin C Cartridge - Compare new and old  

To view the current cartridge replacement price and information for this shower filter please click here:

Cartridge Pack of 3 Vitamin C Shower Filter Longer Lasting Cartridges 

Newer, Higher Quality Chrome Head Piece

With this new upgrade to the Vitamin Shower, we have also upgraded the chrome head piece to be stronger, more durable and more bling. It is a higher quality chrome head that lasts longer than its predecessor so your shower will continue to look great through the years.

Vitamin Shower Old and New Head Piece

Keep your existing showerhead and enjoy safe chlorine-free water.  

Use your favourite shower head and still enjoy the wonderful benefits of Vitamin Shower's Vitamin C shower filters!


  • Works great with both mounted and hand-held shower head designs.

  • Not affected by water temperature, water quality or water pressure.

  • Very easy to install, DIY no plumber needed on any standard shower head fixture and easy to change the cartridges.

  • Attractive see-through housing for the universal vitamin shower filter cartridge which allows you to actually see your filter working, and know when your cartridge is due to be replaced, approximately 15,000 litres with a water saving showerhead or 3 months.

  • Sleek ABS chrome finish which ensures you won't have to sacrifice looks for functionality.

  • Make the water softer while the Vitamin C filter neutralises 99.99% of the chlorine in your shower water.

The Universal Vitamin Shower Filter. You’ll notice an increase in the volume of suds and lather with soaps and shampoos. The water has a lighter, silky feel to it. Softer water allows moisturizers to penetrate the skin more deeply. It reduces colour fading while it improves the texture of damaged, dry or colour-treated


  • ABS Chrome Universal Vitamin Shower Filter

  • 2 x Bigger Better, Longer Lasting Filter Cartridges

  • Installation instructions.

  • Plenty of plumber's tape to ensure a secure, water tight fit.

 Vitamin Shower Bag

Installation Instructions

Vitamin Shower Cartridge Replacement Service

To make your Universal Vitamin Shower Filter purchase the best shopping experience possible, when your replacement cartridges are due for renewal, we will contact you and with a few simple clicks, you will have your cartridges on your way to you. 

  • Super simple cartridge replacement process

  • When the cartridge is due for renewal, we then contact you.

  • Once confirmed, we arrange everything and have new replacement cartridges delivered to your door. 

The Vitamin Shower Guarantee

“Our customers love our products so much that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee”

To learn more about our guarantee, click here


Product NameUniversal Vitamin Shower Filter with Longer Lasting Cartridge
Thread Type1/2" BSP Threads male & female each side to connect
Dead WeightNo
Cubic WeightNo
Tag to use in ontraport[VS]Product: Universal Vitamin Shower Filter with Longer Lasting Cartridge :SUF300
Sequence to use in ontraportVS Seq - CR - Vitamin Shower with Longer Lasting Filter Cartridge



Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Does the filter unit need to be mounted with the clear filter container pointing vertically down? Could it be mounted sideways?

    Hi! thanks for the question. It can be pointed both horizontally and vertically. Vertically looks a bit nicer and may make the cartridge last a little longer because of gravity but whatever way you can make it fit and it will do a great job. I hope that helps. Andrew

    How much this was helpful


I recently bought and installed a vitamin shower. It is proving to be satisfactory. I don’t seem to have such an itchy scalp after washing my hair, and haven’t changed the brand of shampoo and conditioner. I’ve also noticed my skin doesn’t seem so dry. Thanks for your great product!

Kathryn Cocker - NSW

Dear Vitamin shower people, We installed the Vitamin shower head to our shower mid last year, we live in Gladstone and the water is laced with extremely high levels of chlorine. As a result my skin reacts to the chlorine in ways such as red splotches between my eyes and skin blemishes (body acne) over my back. Since introducing the vitamin C filters to our shower, the prevalence of these irritations have reduced dramatically. On this note I ‘Wow what a difference’. On another note, my Siamese fighting fish seem to enjoy the water and I now don’t have to treat the water for them, they also say thanks.

Robert Mitchell - QLD

First let me thank you for your promptness in delivery, very impressive, received within 48 hours.

Thanks guys that was very fast, received the next day.

 I have installed correctly now. Let me say since I have started using the Vitamin shower my skin has softened and is less dry.

I swim regularly and have used moisturizer always, but this vitamin shower leaves me feeling clean and smooth. I like it. Oh and my hair is softer too. 

Chris Hackett, NSW


My husband suffers with eczema and has exhausted most other options for treating his condition. We bought a vitamin shower head with some skepticism but we were both willing to give anything a try. I must say that the results are fantastic. He has been able to reduce the amount of steroid cream he uses and has managed to have all open wounds healed!! Usually, this time of year he is at his worst and requires regular visits to hospital for wet wraps. Thankfully he has not required this treatment this year.



I have suffered from contact dermatitis for 20 years and being a hairdresser with my hands often in water, this has on exacerbated this.  I was sceptical to say the least when my wife brought home the vitamin shower.  Within 2 weeks, the eczema had cleared up on my back and whereas previously I had been known to scratch profusely even during my sleep, the itching had gone.  I didn't believe it was the vitamin shower until the cartridge ran out and my back broke out and the itching started again.  Needless to say, the vitamin shower is now a permanent fixture in our house and my wife says it makes her hair feel silky smooth too

Alan - VIC

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