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Here are only a few examples of happy users of Vitamin Shower



My husband suffers with eczema and has exhausted most other options for treating his condition. We bought a vitamin shower head with some skepticism but we were both willing to give anything a try. I must say that the results are fantastic. He has been able to reduce the amount of steroid cream he uses and has managed to have all open wounds healed!! Usually, this time of year he is at his worst and requires regular visits to hospital for wet wraps. Thankfully he has not required this treatment this year.





10 stars. We looove this product and bought 2, one for the kids. You'll feel the difference in your skin, instantly. The water is soft and doesn't dry out the skin. Usually, I feel tightening in my face and back, like it's shriveling up...(it probably is!), with the Vitaminshower, there is less need to moisturise and my Hair feels amazing. People comment on how healthy it looks.

Paula H., Melbourne


“I recently bought and installed a vitamin shower. It is proving to be satisfactory. I don’t seem to have such an itchy scalp after washing my hair, and haven’t changed the brand of shampoo and conditioner. I’ve also noticed my skin doesn’t seem so dry. Thanks for your great product!”

Kathryn Cocker - NSW

“Dear Vitamin shower people, We installed the Vitamin shower head to our shower mid last year, we live in Gladstone and the water is laced with extremely high levels of chlorine.  As a result my skin reacts to the chlorine in ways such as red splotches between my eyes and skin blemishes (body acne) over my back.  Since introducing the vitamin C filters to our shower, the prevalence of these irritations have reduced dramatically.  On this note I  ‘Wow what a difference’. On another note, my Siamese fighting fish seem to enjoy the water and I now don’t have to treat the water for them, they also say thanks.”

 Robert Mitchell - QLD

“I have suffered from contact dermatitis for 20 years and being a hairdresser with my hands often in water, this has on exacerbated this.  I was sceptical to say the least when my wife brought home the vitamin shower.  Within 2 weeks, the eczema had cleared up on my back and whereas previously I had been known to scratch profusely even during my sleep, the itching had gone.  I didn't believe it was the vitamin shower until the cartridge ran out and my back broke out and the itching started again.  Needless to say, the vitamin shower is now a permanent fixture in our house and my wife says it makes her hair feel silky smooth too"

Alan - VIC

“Dear Vitamin Shower, I have been using your product for the past year, and the difference in my skin and hair is amazing.  I use to have extremely dry skin, and would use body lotion in the morning and at night. Since using the Vitamin Shower my skin is so much softer and I don’t use nearly the amount of lotions anymore. I also have colour treated hair and my colour last months longer since using your product. My hair stylist has also commented that my hair is softer and grows faster than it use to.” 

Christine - SA

“My wife and I have used Vitamin shower for the past 6 months. My wife having very dry skin found it helped alleviate her condition. We recently moved house and was without Vitamin Shower  for a period of time and when we went back to using it again my wife commented  on what a relief as she really notice the difference in the short time she was without it.”

Phil Bard - NSW

“Just wanted to say thanks for your good product. taking the chlorine out of our town water has made our shower more enjoyable. Our skin is not as dry after the shower as well.”

Peter and Lisa  - QLD

“My nine year old daughter has suffered from Eczema since she was a baby. Since using the Vitamin Shower her skin is not as dry and feels softer and she doesn’t have nearly as many fair ups as she use to. I also have notice a difference in how my skin and hair feel. Thanks for a great product that works.”

Katrina - QLD

“I would like to thank you for your prompt service and your incredible product. I have used the Rain shower-head & cartridges for almost 3 months now. Before installation I was coming out in a rash of large red spots over my face and shoulders every time I showered. After installation it was as if a switch had been flicked. No more rash. 100% gone, no matter how long I stay under the shower. The only exception is when it is time to change the cartridge.

All in all I think it was the best hundred and something dollars I've spent in a long while.

Thank you very, very much for the positive impact your product has had on my life.”


“I have used the Lotus vitamin shower head for three years now and I love it. The Lotus has a nice flow to it, it's a water-saving shower head and best of all with the filters it takes the chlorine out of our water, this is very important to me because our water is heavily chlorinated and I suffer from eczema. I would recommend the vitamin shower to anyone who cares about the quality of the water they shower in and I recently recommended it to my daughter-in-law who is also an eczema sufferer. Five stars from me.”

Jeannine Barrett

“Yep, have installed the shower and I have used it three times and I am very pleased with it. Shower head is great and I do believe my hair is a lot softer. My wife has only showered, not washed her hair yet and she is really pleased with the shower. I know it is only a short period of time now but we will see down the track but I believe our opinion will remain the same.

Your prompt service was exceptional and I thank you for this.”



I cannot be without this shower head as I suffer with very bad psoriasis and it is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone with psoriasis or any skin rashes and even people without rashes as it looks to me like it would help prevent them. I cannot speak highly enough about your product and think everone should have one.

Mrs Elwell-NSW