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Filters where we want you to "Stay Fresh & Clean Without Chlorine"

When you shower in chlorinated water without a shower filter, the pores of your skin open up and absorb the chlorinated water like a sponge, and chlorine-filled steam can enter your lungs. People can actually receive more exposure to chlorine during a shower than by drinking the same water.

Chlorinated shower water dries the skin and hair, can also causes or worsens skin irritations and rashes, can irritate eyes leaving them red, itchy and burning, and inhaling the steam can aggravate the sinuses and lungs as well.

"Is a shower filter really what I need to neutralize chlorine and chloramines from my showering water?"

The Vitamin Shower Filter contains 100 % organic natural and food grade Vitamin- C, making it the best and safest way to neutralize chlorine and chloramines from the tap water, and it is an ideal method to protect the sensitive skin from these harmful chemicals. The topical use of Vitamin-C can work as an anti-oxidant on the skin and makes hair shinier and softer.

Vitamin-C has long been recognized as playing an important role in the appearance of firm and youthful-looking skin. Vitamin-C can help to assist with skin disorders, dry skin, lines and wrinkles, and stimulates collagen production, it can assist in being a great anti-aging product. SONAKI products can also promote healthier, more manageable hair and can prevent dry, itchy scalp. It can prevent chlorine-caused dandruff, protect hair condition and dyed hair colouring last longer.

Vitamin Shower  neutralizes  99.9% of chlorine and chloramines from tap water by using Vitamin- C. Each filter has a see-through housing, so you can see the Vitamin-C  working and know when to replace the cartridge. Each cartridge is designed to last 10,000 litres of water.  It is also good for fish aquariums - no need to age tap water or use shock treatments. Use Vitamin shower to wash your pets, give them a chlorine free bath leaving fur softer and shinier. It is especially great for pets that suffer skin conditions cause by allergies, that can be worsen by chlorine.  Works effectively on any temperature water, regardless of water quality; no loss in water pressure with an electric hot water system. For gas hot water systems we recommend a Universal Filter and not a shower head set, as the water saving device in the shower heads may cause temperature change.

News Update

My name is Jessica Robertson.  I am a Nutritionist Iridologist, specialising in Pediatric, fertility, pregnancy & lactation nutrition as well as diabetes, food intolerances, fat loss and more. I am a Mum to 2 beautiful children who I would do anything for, them being my reason for pursuing this career path.

I am extremely conscious of what my children eat, drink, inhale and absorb and although they eat a very clean, unprocessed, fresh diet and drink plenty of filtered water, get lots of sleep, the contents of tap water bothers me.  As a Nutritionist, I have a deep understanding of the functions of the human body.  The skin is our largest detox organ and it absorbs a lot of what it comes in contact with.  We know that the content’s of our water isn’t good.  Fluoride, chlorine etc...I worry about these being absorbed by the skin of my babies. 

I have been using a Vitamin-C shower head for about 12 months now and my skin is not dry anymore, the air in the shower doesn't smell like a pool shop and I have peace of mind of what is being absorbed through my skin and my children's skin.  An extra benefit, these shower heads are easy to install for renters.

My aim is to guide parents into seeking healthier alternatives, for the betterment of their children. I am holding a competition starting in mid May to give a lucky person the chance to win a Vitamin Shower Universal Filter that will improve their health and the condition of their skin and those of their children.

Thank you Vitamin Shower for donating this item.


Thank you & healthy regards

Jessica Robertson


Rejuven-Eat & Revital-Eyes

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